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City of Portland Water Bureau Prioritizes Inclusivity in Critical Communication

The City of Portland Water Bureau serves water to nearly a quarter of all Oregonians. They’re committed to great water sources, public health, community relationships, and planning ahead. Their mission is to serve excellent water every minute of every day.

Since 2015, the Water Bureau has partnered with Mindlink Resources to provide translation in Portland’s safe harbor languages to communicate about important programs and updates throughout the community. The Water Bureau has many needs to translate and interpret for diverse community, everything including bill payment communications to timely emergency communication (i.e. Boil Water Notices).

The following are some examples of projects we have performed for the Water Bureau:

  • Flyers
  • Boil Notices
  • Debt Collection
  • Water Quality Report
  • Grants, Programs
  • Bill Inserts
  • Meter Door Hangers
  • and More!

Innovating solutions to effectively outreach to the community.


Using our unique project portal, “LinguistLink” has enabled meaningful communication between the Water Bureau and the linguists who are translating and interpreting. Tracking every project and building efficient workflows makes requesting services simple.

Translation Memory

Every word for every translation performed by Mindlink is saved in a database called a “translation memory“. We apply this memory for each file and when there are matches, we can provide discounts. We only charge for updates on documents that we translated.

Translation Glossary

Creating a glossary that meets the need of the community requires input of the community. We worked with the Water Bureau to curate terms, get community input and publish/use the glossary for every translation we complete. We make available to our linguists in our Termsbase system.