Improving outcomes for our non-English
speaking community members through
language services.

Mindlink is a small, relationship-focused language services business that aims to improve the lives of our non-English speaking community members through interpretation and translation services.

As a business, we affirm and uphold that language access services are critical to helping non-native English-speaking community members receive information in their own language so they can resolve problems, learn, connect, feel included, experience equity, and thrive. One in five of our neighbors speak a language other than English at home. That’s 64 million people with potential language barriers who may not be able to talk to doctors, bankers, school counselors or teachers, healthcare workers, immigration officers, and/or government representatives.

How do we drive improved outcomes for our communities through language access services?

  1. We put humans first. Relationships and human connections matter above all.
  2. We have amazing talent. Our team’s expertise and commitment to excellence result in flexible and comprehensive solutions.
  3. We are partners. We work with you to build the right solutions to drive the best outcomes. We involve you in the process and keep you fully informed all the way.
  4. We are community-focused. We have a heart for service – we care about the community and want to help non-natives speakers thrive through languages access.

What’s more, we provide organizations with an easy-to-use job portal called LinguistLink, which:

Our clients include schools, governments, medical clinics and non-profits.

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