Our Story

Having been a Talent Manager for over a decade in the localization industry, our founder, Stacey Brown, experienced first-hand the challenges of finding qualified, on-demand talent. She wished there was an agency where she could make one call and get the talent she needed. In 2011, she finally made her vision come true and opened Mindlink Resources, an agency that is focused on building up the talent pool and connect talent to our clients!

Our goal is to provide our clients and linguists with tools, training, and support while building and maintaining our relationships with them.

Services we provide

Our three primary services include:

  • Translation Services – we work with clients who create content for a global market or for limited English speakers.
  • Talent Management – we partner with agencies to provide a flexible pool of linguists to augment current staff, handle increased workloads, or cover planned or unplanned absences from the team.
  • Training for Linguists – we provide resources, coaching and training for linguists who are seeking to grow their freelance language consulting business.


We’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, from public agencies to private firms. Some of our clients include the City of Portland, Adidas, Translations.com, Welocalize, and adaQuest.