Simplifying language access reporting and family engagement tracking for your school 

Language access programs require tracking and reporting data about language access requests and family engagements to secure Title I and Title III funding and demonstrate compliance.  

 This data is also needed to measure the success of your program and fine-tune your family engagement strategies.  

All of this data is hard to find, track, and manage and can add to your administrative burden.  

But it doesn’t have to be.  



FamiliesLink is a language access dashboard that simplifies compliance tracking and reporting without overwhelming staff  

Tracking and aggregating data to support your language access program and the families who depend on it is easier with FamiliesLink. FamiliesLink tracks things such as how many people are part of your Title 1 program, how many engagements each person or family had, and how many languages were supported.  


Now, in one simple dashboard, you can:  


  • See all reporting data related to Title I and Title III funding, at a glance.  

  • Monitor and track family engagements, program participation, and supported languages. 

  • Identify families who may need extra support and follow up with in-language phone calls, 

  • Easily send, receive, and translate surveys to get program feedback and understand family needs. 

  • Connect with LinguistLink and Skyward for seamless data aggregation and reporting.  

  • Prove your language access efforts and align with federal requirements. 

  • Export data into Excel for custom analysis and reporting. 

How FamiliesLink streamlines data management 

FamiliesLink integrates with LinguistLink and Skyward to make it easy to find everything you need to track family engagements, demonstrate compliance with federal and state regulations, and secure vital funding.  

But first, what is LinguistLink? 

If you’re not using LinguistLink already, it’s the easiest way to manage language access requests and projects. Our online portal makes it simple to schedule translation and interpretation jobs, connect with professional linguists, monitor project progress, and pay invoices—all within one intuitive workspace. 

Overcome data gaps and eliminate reporting headaches  

By pulling together LinguistLink data with family engagement data from your other systems, FamiliesLink puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.  


Let FamiliesLink handle your data management and reporting, so you can focus on what really matters—supporting your students and their families with timely and meaningful language access. 

“We designed FamiliesLink to make it easier for schools to get the funding they need for their language access programs to effectively support ELL families, so students can focus on learning, families stay connected and informed, and teachers have the tools to communicate effectively with everyone. With FamiliesLink, nobody slips through the cracks."
Stacey Brown-Sommers
Managing Director, Mindlink Resources, LLC

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