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Media Services

Using multi-media with video, graphics, brochures, posters, etc. is a great way to engage with your community. There are a few options that make your media inclusive to everyone.


Transcription makes any audio or video material accessible if you have anyone who is deaf/hard of hearing. It is also the first step in creating and translating videos.


Voice mails

Marketing Videos

Audio Recordings

Recording Zoom or Teams Meetings

and more. . .

Adding subtitles is a simple way to make videos inclusive. Using human translation for the subtitles will give your viewers an accurate way to understand your video in both English and Spanish (or whatever target language!)

Check out this example that we worked on (make sure you turn on subtitles):


Voice Over

Accessible multilingual videos often include voice overs. Our staff can provide high quality affordable voice overs in your target language.

Creating brochures in multiple languages is a great way to ensure meaningful access in multiple communities.

Desktop Publishing

Website Content

(or Localization)

Whether it’s an informative, training, or marketing site, providing a human translation version for languages that are common can increase interaction.

Our team can give you an early look on how your software, website, or any material might look for your end-users. Don’t risk sending out bad content. Our QA team will give you the confidence that your audience will be able to see your translated version at the same or ever better quality than the source.

Quality Assurance

(or Localization QA)

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