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Computer-Aided Translation

Learn more about how you can effectively manage translation for your documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Computer-Aided Translation?

Using a computer-aided translation a translator (like WordBee) uses tools to boost their quality and efficiency as they provide translation.

What is Translation Memory?

When a translator works within a computer-aided translation tool, text is stored in a database or “translation memory” (TM) that can be recalled for future translations.

How can I access my Translation Memories?

At Mindlink, we feature a tool called “WordBee” for written translation. Our clients have the ability to access their translations through this tool. We can provide you a login and you have the ability to use a feature called “Global Search”.

What is Machine Translation?

Machine Translation involves using a global translation tool (like “Google Translate”) to provide translated text.

Can I use Google Translate or Machine Translation to provide quality translations?

Generally machine translation is used for providing the “jist” of the message. Generally, it can help, but it’s usually evident that the text was not translated by a human.
With WordBee, you have the ability to use a combination of machine translation
and translation memory with MT Hive.

What is Post Editing?

Post Editing is the act of a human overview after Machine Translation. Our tool enables you to assign a translation to a human for review and clean up.

What’s the deal with Word Counts for translations?

We generally provide quotes and costs per the words. We know translations can add up, so we provide discounts when there are “fuzzy matches” (when text is reused either within the document, or previously in the history of the document).

What Workflow is used for providing translation?

As a general rule, every translation is provided with the translation, a review, and a proofread step (where the translator provides a sanity check to ensure the context and format are accurate).
WordBee automates these steps making us super efficient.

What kind of files can I translate?

We can handle most project types including Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite. Note: we prefer not to work on PDF files if we can help it. Please send the “raw file”.

Can I automate my website translation?

If you have a blog or website that is frequently updated (like Drupal or WordPress), you may benefit from our connector “Beebox”.