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Our Clients

The following is a list of customers that Mindlink has supported either directly or through a strategic partner:

Customer Solution
Cisco Provide localization software QA for the following languages: Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Polish, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Japanese, German
Webtrends Provide localization website testing for the following languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish
Nike Provide eLearning content reviews for the following languages: Polish, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Indonesian, Turkish, Chinese, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, Danish, Greek
Google Provide linguistic QA on devices for the following languages: Hebrew, Croatian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Vietnamese, Malay, Farsi, etc.
Jive Software Provide localization QA for software for the following languages: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese
Microsoft Provide staffing resources to support on-site localization qa team for the following languages: Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch
Hewlett Packard Provide staffing resources to support on-site software development positions
Oregon Center for Nursing, StudentMax Website Software QA, Cloud Consulting, Training Video Production
Excellent Home Maintenance Website Content Consulting, Writing, and Editing
Seastar Acupuncture Website Consulting

Strategic Partners

We strive to find partners that fit our values in providing projects and positions that enable our talent to shine. We currently have partnerships with several major localization companies, including three of the top 10 agencies. In addition, we have partners that are non-profits, software companies, and marketing companies. Please contact us today if you are interested in becoming a strategic partner.

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