Create Subtitles for your Videos

Create subtitles that are accurate for your videos to broaden your audience. What do Gen Z and Baby Boomers have in common? They love subtitles! By adding quality subtitles to your film, you’re making your content accessible to a wider audience, including people who are deaf or hard of hearing, language diverse, and anyone who […]

Onsite Education Interpreter – Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA

Description:  Spoken language interpreters facilitate communication between individuals who are not sufficiently proficient in the same spoken language. Interpreting services can be rendered on-site or remotely via telephone or video. We are looking for candidates for Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Somali linguists located in the Portland, Oregon area. equirements: Bonus Points: Minimum 2-3 years experience in […]

Website Translation

website translation

A great way to expand your reach in our local community and build up your website sales is to communicate in the native language of your target audience with community website translation. Our unique method gives you access to human translators who live in or near your community. We have solutions for all budgets. It’s not only good business, it’s the right thing to do.


Mindlink provides a range of interpretation modalities to serve in whatever need or place. Interpreting for Events Need to Schedule an Interpreter? On-Demand Interpreting Languages Supported Case Studies


Our translation team provides consistently high quality human translations within 24 hours! Get started today!