One Easy Way to Get Quality Translation on a Budget

There are many ways in which small businesses and organizations can provide quality translation for their content. Be they flyers, publications, webpages, or apps, translated content inevitably allows businesses to provide better services to their clients and increase customer satisfaction. What does customer satisfaction lead to? More business! In our ever-globalizing economy, the term “language […]

Free Tools You Can Use for Affordable Global Marketing Strategy

Creating a strategy for affordable global marketing is a great way to expand your business. The cool thing is, there are tools out there to help you define which markets and languages you can focus on to target for your business. A great one to use is the free Global Market Finder from Google. We’re […]

A Message for the Families of the Victims from the Pulse Nightclub Shootings

I just heard an amazing and sad report on NPR’s show “The Takeaway” about the pulse nightclub shootings that happened a year ago today. The club was having “Latino Night” which meant lots of Spanish speakers were victims. The story talked about how there was a big shortage in translation and interpretation services responding to […]

Affordable Quality Translation – Think Outside The Box

When you think of affordable the first thing that comes to mind might be “cheap.” But can “cheap” actually end up costing you more? If you look at “affordable healthcare,” the deduction plan is normally so high that you hope you don’t ever get sick. So remember to always think outside the box when you […]

Different Dialects for Translation for Spanish Speaking Immigrants

Spanish is used by about 437 million people which makes it the world’s second most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese. Twenty one countries list Spanish as their national language. Most Spanish speakers live in Central and South America (Mexico alone has a population of 100 million!). No wonder it’s so important to provide proper […]

Online Translation Quality–Ways to go from Headache to Success

It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to professionally translate your content. Once your website or app has been localized, however, it feels amazing to know that non-English speaking users can view and interact with your online content with ease. However, after your website has been localized, the work is not over. You […]

Three Reasons You Should Look Into Website Localization

If you have an online presence, you probably considered translating your web content to other languages. To successfully tap into specific markets with the products or services you offer, you need to think beyond a simple translation. Your website should be customized based on factors such as your customers’ geographical location, social norms, and cultural […]

Finding Balance for Affordable Quality Translation [InfoGraphic]

Have you ever been in this scenario. . .You want to use professional translators to reach your target audience. You even send your important document to a translator or two to get a quote. But, when those quotes come back you get that “yowza!” sticker shock. So, you end up shelving that project or slapping […]

Three Things Technology Can’t Do That Human Translation Can

Machine translation quality has dramatically improved in this decade. It most likely has to do with pattern recognition. Google’s technology with which you can take a picture of any text (on any surface!) and have that text translated made many people’s dream of, “I wish I could read that!” come true! Does this kind of […]

Rush Translation – Is it Really Worth It?

What’s rush translation? Basically it’s translation that requires the same day turnaround. It’s something that clients and linguists want to avoid, but often times it’s just not unavoidable. From my experience as a linguist and project coordinator, most linguists are not fans of rush translation. One important thing to remember is that you may have to […]