Yamhill Community Care Opens Doors to Spanish Speakers

Evolving language access beyond patient care

Yamhill, Oregon – Yamhill Community Care has a mission: “Working together to improve the quality of life and health of Yamhill Community Care members by coordinating effective care.” YCCO goes beyond providing services, but focuses on preventative care and is shifting the culture to “well-care”, which catches risks before they become illness. They do this through community programs, education, and more.

Given that 15 % of the community are Spanish speakers, in order to achieve this, they found the need to provide information, presentations, meeting agendas, letters, and more in both English and Spanish. Approach every program with a eye on equity and inclusiveness, they turned to Mindlink for help in supporting this effort.

A holistic solution with LinguistLink Tools


Using our unique project portal, “LinguistLink” has enabled meaningful communication between the YCCO Community Liaisons and the linguists who are translating and interpreting. Tracking every project and building efficient workflows makes requesting services simple..

Linguist Hotline

Access to our 24/7 linguist hotline has been valuable to the partners from YCCO as they support members of the community who speak a language other than English.

Translation Memory

Every word for every translation performed by Mindlink is saved in a database called a “translation memory“. We apply this memory for each file and when there are matches, we can provide discounts. We only charge for updates on documents that we translated.

Translation Quality – Back Translation

For content that is critical to the health of the community, we provide the translation and extra quality steps including “Back Translation“. This includes re-translating the target text back into English. Then the re-translation and original source are compared to ensure the translator captured the proper meaning and context.

Interpreters have been timely, cooperative, and invested in the experience of their clients. Interpreters consistently deliver high quality interpretation, especially considering most of YCCO’s requests are for simultaneous services, which demand a high level of skill. Mindlink has been a flexible partner in YCCO’s often unusual language requests, willing to work creatively through remote, in person, and hybrid models. The LinguistLink platform helps to create and track requests, and offers a streamlined way for us to create both translation and interpretation requests.

E. Johnson

Community Health Specialist, Yamhill Community Care

Community care through Inclusion

We are able to provide valuable data to help ensure that the language access efforts align with the mission of the organization.

For example, we recycle words to save budget on updates and other translations.

We also can track trends to synch up when more requests come in and to ensure needs are being met.

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