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We help you create inclusive communities through Language Access, Interpreting, Translation and more!


Mindlink offers a full solution for providing language access for your clients, with a completely free project request system at its core (

For Education

Include every family in the school community. Offer efficient interpretation and translation services.

For Health Care

Provide equitable care for patients in their language. Schedule Clinical placements for diverse students.

For Non-Profits

Expand the scope of your service by providing access in any language.


Access to Equity & Inclusion for families.

Everything you need to provide language access with a special focus on equity, all in one place. By partnering with Mindlink, you can

  • Request and track projects with
  • Receive affordable high quality translations by professionals
  • 24/7 access to telephonic/video interpreters
  • Receive support for digital communications, like websites
  • Create subtitles for videos

This is a great time of year to develop a language access strategy for how to provide diversity equity and
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