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In a little studio off of Northampton’s Abingdon Square sex toys, we’re sitting in creaky wooden chairs under a rather occult looking stained glass window. Moore is all in basic black, heavy silver rings on every finger; a wizard on his day off. He fires up a hand rolled cigarette almost as big as the […]

Before purchase we read hundreds of review around the net

The 8 near silent vibration patterns and simple controls ensure the most reliable partner in pleasure, while its striking silhouette comes beautifully tailored to the curves of the female body. Features: powerful stimulation never disappoints. Satisfaction guaranteed with every use. Rain fell all around us but we were sheltered by the porch. A chorus of […]

And through the looking glass, sight amplifies sensation

But as the years go on John urges do not go away. A priest vow of abstinence also includes masturbation so the urges build and build. John doesn want to tell anyone about his thoughts, because they are sinful and unbecoming of a priest, he seeks help from no one. Flohr says that a healthy […]

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Other perspectives come from John Henry, an activist and former preacher, who sees the protestors as the “new American religion . The longing of the heart to embrace a stranger and be unashamed.” His ally is King, a twenty seven year old woman with dreadlocks who is well experienced in the tactics of nonviolence. She […]

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Often enough yeezy, it’s come up in discussion that loving others is something we really can’t do well when we don’t love ourselves. I absolutely agree that that’s true. However, I think that that might get misunderstood a lot, or only partly understood, especially the way that message can tend to be delivered or simplified […]

Between 2007 and 2014, the city produced only 14 percent of

Meanwhile, Berkeley officials have floated a number of proposals to increase the city’s supply of affordable housing. Between 2007 and 2014, the city produced only 14 percent of the housing production goal set by the Association of Bay Area Governments for moderate, low or very low income units. The percentage lies below those of San […]