Listen to Stacey Interviewed about her favorite Computer-Aided Translation tool

Check out my interview with my friends at WordBee that we did at “Loc World 2018” a couple of months ago.

I talked a little about how LinguistLink is changing things for our clients. I also talk about my love of the WordBee platform and some cool features like “MT Hive”! Check it out!

Ramp up of WordBee is fast. The value is immediate.

Interested in learning more about LinguistLink?

Interested in learning more about WordBee?

Track Time, Send Direct Messages, and Update Columns

We have some new features that will help linguists and schedulers alike. Check them out:

Track Time

The time tracking add-on enables linguists to track and report the time they spend on the project.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Are you a scheduler? Your video is here. . .

Direct Messaging and File Delivery

We updated some buttons to make sure it was very clear how/when to send direct messages to project stakeholders.

All users have the ability to send direct messages to “LinguistLink Admins”, “Project Requesters”, and “Project Schedulers”. This messages go directly to these users and are not visible publicly.

LinguistLink – Send direct messages to stakeholders

We have also added a button for linguists providing or other services to upload the file directly for the scheduler to access.

Use this button to submit completed assignments to Schedulers

NOTE: Linguists should avoid delivering completed files in the “Project Discussion Board”. When they do this, it sends a notification to ALL project stakeholders (including the requester). It’s been known to create confusion and extra work — so don’t do it!

Update Columns

We have updated the visible columns in the Project View to enable quick view of information for Schedulers. They can view who requested the project, when the assignment.

TIP: You can sort information and copy/paste in a slick format to easily share information! Check it out!

Learn more by checking out our help site.

Tool Tips: Track Your Projects in Linguistlink

LinguistLink was designed to enable collaboration on language-related projects for clients, project managers, and linguists. Everyone benefits when you participate!

Here are a few ways you can use LinguistLink:

Review available projects

When a project is proposed to you it will show up in the panel “available projects for you”. Be the favorite linguist by responding right away in the system!


Start conversations to get details about the project

Got questions? It’s a great idea to get a full understanding on what you’re getting into before you commit! It’s easy to get answers by starting a conversation! Just reference the project number.


Accept the project

Accept the project in LinguistLink. There are many reasons to do this. One of which is to build your portfolio. Potential clients can review your experience when choosing to assign the project.

Participate in the forum

If you have a question about a project, it could be others have the same question! Or, maybe you discover some new trick? Share it! You can benefit by having access to other linguists.


Mark the task complete

Show you meet deadlines by completing the project on time in linguistlink. Also this is how those jobs show up on your profile/portfolio.


Ask for feedback

After the project is completed, you can seek feedback from your scheduler. This will help you know what you did well and how you should improve.


Opportunities for linguists

Here are some interesting opportunities you might be interested in. . .



Dear Interpreter,

The Oregon Health Authority’s Office of Equity and Inclusion (OHA-OEI) is inviting you to respond to this survey because we are interested in your perspective on the working conditions for interpreters. Survey responses will be analyzed for insights on how to improve program services, laws and policies, and the working conditions for health care interpreters in Oregon.

Benefits for completing this survey

You will receive 2 continuing education units (CEU). Your CEU certificate will be emailed to you separately and will count toward the 24 hours of required CEU’s for renewing OHA issued HCI letters. The CEU credits will not count toward other national or states program requirements.

To ensure that your personal information is kept separate from your survey responses, a separate window for CEU information will open about a minute after you complete the survey. Please note that your personal information will only be used for emailing your CEU certificate and will not be shared.

The survey will end on September 30th, 2018 and the results will be published on the OHA/OEI website two months after the survey ends.

Please click this link to begin the survey (

Thanks as always for your help.

The Sky was Falling at the Mindlink Picnic

The end of the summer picnic was an event we won’t soon forget. We met at Irving Park in Portland, Ore. Some of you may have worked on translating signs for this park earlier this year!

Unfortunately, as is typical in the Pacific Northwest, the weather didn’t really cooperate. We gathered under a large oak tree which provided a nice cover. We then enjoyed a taco bar provided by Cha! Cha! Cha!

It was all good until the breeze blew and hundreds of hard acorns pummeled us from above!

As one attendee observed:

It seemed like the start of a joke! Spanish, Italian..Israeli and Thai sat around a picnic table. then acorns start falling from the sky…

If you couldn’t make this time, be sure to catch us at a future event. Guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Check out our album: