Three reasons why YOU should become a certified medical interpreter

Three reasons why YOU should become a certified medical interpreter

Why Should You Consider Becoming a Certified Medical Interpreter?

Being an interpreter is challenging. From managing your schedule, to filling your week with appointments, to simply managing all the agencies with whom you work.

As it is challenging, being an interpreter is just as rewarding. You can go home at the end of a long, hard day knowing that because you did your job, someone received critical services, or information that will change their lives, maybe forever! Few get to go home and boast about that every day!

However, to remain in the interpreting industry long term, every interpreter will realize s/he must grow out of their comfortable cocoon and be challenged to evolve into a growing, talented, and professional interpreter. How does an interpreter achieve that?

By getting certified!

Even though it seems expensive and scary to pay and prepare for a national medical interpretation, it’s totally worth it! Here’s why:

You increase your financial earning potential.

When discussing a raise with an agency, client, or your boss, you may rely on subjective characteristics to justify for a raise. You have X years of experience, you worked at such-and-such a place, you we’re trained for X number of hours. But these characteristics can be interpreted differently by different people. However, an objective proof, like a national certification for medical interpreting, carries a weight of proof and value that proves difficult to contradict.

And you can be sure that, at the negotiating table, those few who are nationally certified always come on top over those who don’t.

Provide higher quality service to your clients

Getting certified challenges, you to embody the proper approach to practicing the art of interpreting. When done right, you will notice it, and your clients will love it. In fact, when they know that you do a better job because you’re certified, they’ll want to work with only certified interpreters. And most likely, that will be YOU!

Besides giving you more work, you can rest completely assure that’s fruit of you delivering a high-quality service. And, in reality, that’s what an interpreter’s core duty is: to empower communication with the highest quality standards possible to brings about the desired results from its participants as if no language barrier existed. Being certified ensures you use the necessary tools to do just that.

Advance you distinguish yourself as a professional.

Many interpreters have complained about the medical interpretation certifications being hard. Some quiver at the thought of failure, but others who take the challenge, earn a recognition the rest don’t.

And, to be honest, it IS hard to step out of your shell and navigate uncharted waters of seemingly unending medical terminology. It IS hard to discipline yourself to study long hours. And it IS hard to learn to practice the medical interpreters’ ethics and standards and practice.

But guess what?! When you earn your certification, YOU are recognized as an interpreter who is willing to learn. YOU are perceived as a disciplined individual who takes their career seriously and approaches it professionally. YOU are respected because people who know you have a medical interpreting certification.

 If you are not yet a certified medical interpreter, what are you waiting for?! There is a wide-open door of opportunities waiting for you! If you have questions, please reach out to our recruiting department with further questions.


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