Translator Test

Take the guesswork out when working with translators by administrating a translator test. This test is for WRITTEN TRANSLATION.

Provide sample content (or we can) and we will review the quality against a checklist. Our native speaking Quality Assurance team will review each sample to ensure the grammar, meaning, spelling, and overall language flow match the quality of the source document.

Translating is a skill not everyone has. Many people are bilingual, but not everyone has the translation fluency that will match the needs of your projects. A quick translator test for candidates will ensure that your translation team is ready for your content.

We offer two types of tests:


You provide a short paragraph (less than 300 words) to the candidate. Then submit the source document (the original English text) and the target document (the translated content provided by the candidate). Our team of native speaker graders will review the content against a checklist and provide a report.

You can be confident in selecting the right applicant with a trusted grader.

We offer the Simple Translator Test in the following languages:

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

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This requires a more comprehensive sample and checklist comparing against industry standards. We offer the full translator test in just about any language. Just ask!

If you don’t speak the language of the candidates, rest easy knowing that we have vetted their language skills with the translator test. We’ll make sure they have the right skills for written translation.

Why is written translation quality important in the first place? Here are a few articles that will help:

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Get started by selecting the test that you want to order and entering the name and email addresses for the candidates that you want to test. The candidate will be contacted directly for the next steps.

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