Rush Translation – Is it Really Worth It?

What’s rush translation? Basically it’s translation that requires the same day turnaround. It’s something that clients and linguists want to avoid, but often times it’s just not unavoidable. From my experience as a linguist and project coordinator, most linguists are not fans of rush translation. One important thing to remember is that you may have to lower your expectations when it comes to rush translation since there might not be enough time for proofreading or QA.

As per this diagram, when “speed” take the biggest spot in this triangle, you will give up on Quality and Cost.




Let’s take a look at a few pro’s and con’s of rush translation.


  • You can meet your deadline.
  • You will make your client(s) or boss happy by meeting the deadline.


  • The quality of translation although is still good, but might not be the best.
  • Your linguist may have to skip QA or research.
  • You may lose quality control.
  • More difficult to find available translators.
  • You will pay more.

So looking at Pro’s and Con’s, do you think Pro’s can outweigh Con’s? Maybe…as long as rush translation doesn’t become a regular request.

There may be an alternative when you do need something quick. Learn more about Mindlink’s Instant Translation tool. If you know fast translations are an ongoing part of your business, be strategic!

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