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Your Translation & Interpretation Budget

How This Works

Make sure you still sound like a human when you need translation quickly. We make it easy to access human linguists who can support translation, interpretation or other projects quickly! Stay within your budget and save.

Set a Fixed Budget

This is a great option if you are only paying for one specific project or program. Add funds to your account based on the project quote.


Set a Monthly Budget

This is a flexible option if you have ongoing needs to provide language access support to your clients. Set a budget per month. Don\'t worry--unused budget will roll over to next month.

Order Services

Once your budget is set, you will order services from our \"LinguistLink Toolkit\". We\'ll deducted only what you use from your budget.

Have a bigger project or interested in using LinguistLink as a request tool for your organization? Contact sales@mindlinkresources.com today.

Order Services

Your language access budget allows you to request any type of service: translation, interpretation (telephonic, video, onsite). Our US-based professional linguist team is ready to provide whatever service you need to communicate with your community. We specialize in Health Care, Education, Non-Profits, and more. Step 1: Add funds to your account. Prepaying for services ensures […]

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