One Easy Way to Get Quality Translation on a Budget

There are many ways in which small businesses and organizations can provide quality translation for their content. Be they flyers, publications, webpages, or apps, translated content inevitably allows businesses to provide better services to their clients and increase customer satisfaction. What does customer satisfaction lead to? More business!

In our ever-globalizing economy, the term “language barrier” is probably all too familiar. A language barrier, however, doesn’t necessarily only refer to the language itself. There are also cultural and colloquial aspects used by those who speak a language that must also be taken into consideration (i.e., localization 🙂 ).

Content that has been translated with the target market’s culture in mind not only provides an equal opportunity to understand and use your services, but also provides a culture-specific reason as to why your services or products would benefit these customers.

 While this all sounds great, with a tight budget and limited resources it can be something easier said than done. Luckily for you, we have one quick, budget-friendly solution that will leave you with high quality translated content.


Trans-o-Matic combines human translation with google translate to create human sounding results at a fraction of the cost.

 You can use this service to translate any of the following: 

  • Website Updates
  • Publications (e.g., monthly newsletter, press releases)
  • Emails (both business and personal)
  • Service/Product Updates
  • School Projects
  • Local Business and Event Flyers
  • And more!

 Our affordable “human quality” translation service is a unique and simple way for you to get the translation you need. Specifically, this tool helps fulfill Mindlink’s commitment to enable non-profit, government agencies, and small businesses to provide language access for their non-English speaking clients.

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