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Team building made easy.
Connect. Collaborate. Accomplish.

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for freelance consultants and casual users



  • Up to 5 connections
  • Basic Messaging
  • Online Training and Support

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for smaller agencies and consultants


$11.99 /month

Your first 30 days are FREE!

  • 25 Connections
  • Basic Messaging
  • Project Scheduling
  • Assign Project Coordinator for Project Support

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for businesses, non-profits, gov. agencies, etc.



  • Set up custom team for access to features.
  • Recruiting Team
  • Team Coordination

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*Price does not include hourly fees for linguists

save by purchasing with an annual fee – Buy now for $120/year

linguistlink is quite impressive! i really like the platform. its cool to see everyone’s faces and know who they are too!


Qualified Talent

Access to qualified talent when you’re ready.

Select the right person for the right job.

Find a resource

Search linguists by service.Subscribe to create connections.

–Create a project

Set up project details and track the progress of each linguist. Assign languages for the project and select qualified linguists.






–Start a conversation

Start a conversation related to your project or just with individual linguists.Invite others to join the conversation.Track what’s going on.

–Build a team

The linguists included in a conversation can all see every post.Linguists can easily collaborate with each other on projects