Four Ways LinguistLink Speeds-Up Your Translation Project

Four Ways LinguistLink Speeds-Up Your Translation Project

There are times when you need something translated quickly for your translation project. You may be tempted to use Google Translate or other online tools in order to get the text you need in time for printing materials or for your meeting, even though you will give up quality on the translation. Fortunately, LinguistLink gives you a big advantage in order to get the text completed on time. Here are a few ways LinguistLink allows you to do just that:

1. Set up Deadlines

When you request projects,  always include deadlines in order to ensure that everyone involved understands the expectations. Create a deadline that gives a buffer for any unavoidable issue that may arise.  If it’s a tight deadline, make sure you mention that in the description.

2. Communicate Budgets

When setting up “Project Items” (by attaching the language), make sure you indicate the budget needed for the project. Let suppliers know if you have budget for “rush fees”. It’s a great way to ensure your project will be finished on time.

3. Propose to All

By proposing to all the linguists at the same time, you can confirm with the first available linguist. You’ll know immediately when someone confirms and you’ll be able to see who they are (and check out their profile!).

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4. Send Direct Message

Once a supplier has accepted your project, you will be able to follow up with them directly by initiating a “conversation”. This allows you to confirm the deadline and address any obsticle that may arise in a timely manner.

About LinguistLink

LinguistLink is a website that makes communication and collaboration between managers and talent easy. The LinguistLink website opens the door to ask questions, assign projects, or engage directly with language professionals for any reason. LinguistLink was developed by Mindlink Resources, LLC and is used by municipals, school districts, non-profits, and tech companies.


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