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Don’t leave your Limited English Speaking families out! They have a valuable contribution to make.

Ensuring your school or district provides language access for all allows all to have a voice. And that just makes the educational experience better. For students, for families, for educators, and for the community.

Empowering you with An easy to use Scheduling System. Linguistlink allows you to collaborate with linguists, vendors and clients to connect communities. Linguistlink is changing the industry by providing a tool designed for transparency and teamwork.

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Get started by selecting the test that you want to order and entering the name and email addresses for the candidates that you want to test. The candidate will be contacted directly for the next steps.

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Are you unsure if you’re succeeding at offering meaningful access to families? Our audit process will review your current processes and provide a report and recommendations based on industry standards.

Engage with professional linguists who will provide human-level translations for clients. Our services will connect you to the right talent.

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