OHCIA Conference

If you are an interpreter or interested in becoming an interpreter in or around Portland, OR, you should consider joining me at the OHCIA conference on Saturday!

Check out the continuing education classes that are available:

  1. Sight Translation: Improve in-appointment translation skills.
  2. Pregnancy and Childbirth:Spotlight on reproductive terminology, pregnancy risks and types of appointments.
  3. Medical Marijuana:Learn about terminology and treatment options.
  4. Mental Health:Addresses unique challenges and roles in the behavioral health setting.
  5. Medical Interpreting in The Academic Setting: for children, i.e. with school administrators, terminology, developmental/behavioral/learning issues, IEPs, etc.
  6. Addiction and Opioid Dependency:terminology, biases, protocol, standards of practice.
  7. Working with Survivors of Trauma:Understand the unique challenges, your self-care.
  8. Diabetes Epidemic:cultural factors, progression of disease and appointments, terminology.
  9. Dementia:Best practices, symptoms, communication, cultural aspects, risks.
  10. Ethical Dilemmas:How to manage conflicting principles and find solutions.
  11. Genetic Counseling:Overview of terminology, appointment topics, testing and decision making.

Read all about them and register here: http://ohcia.org/2019-conference-ceuworkshop-sche

There are 11 door prizes now too for the interpreters—from gas and grocery cards and gift baskets, to an AAA membership and professionally designed business cards.

Lots of excitement and fun for all–see you there!

September 28, 2019 9:00 AM
September 28, 2019 4:00 PM
OHCIA Conference
Concordia University
Portland OR United States
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