Community Website Translation

Community Website Translation

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I have to admit, my experience with community website translation in my hasn’t been great. I was recently sitting at the car dealership waiting to get my car serviced. As I looked around the lobby, I noticed an amazing diversity. There were people from many different backgrounds and cultures. I was excited to hear how many languages were spoken there. However, when I looked around the dealership, I didn’t see the same diversity with the employees there seeking to support their clients. Later, when I checked the website for the dealership, I was disappointed to see that they had only installed a “Bing Translate” tool instead of providing quality translations for all their customers. It’s a missed opportunity for this dealership. A simple information page would avoid confusion, frustration and provide an outstanding experience for all customers.

Did you know that 75 percent of Internet users do not make important purchasing decisions unless the product description is in a language they can speak?

Are you running a business or non-profit serving your community? How are you reaching your non-English speaking customers?

Don’t leave anyone out! 

A great way to expand your reach in our local community and build up your website sales is to communicate in the native language of your target audience with community website translation. Our unique method gives you access to human translators who live in or near your community. We have solutions for all budgets. It’s not only good business, it’s the right thing to do.

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Identify important content that will help your multi-lingual customers.

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Qualified linguists will translate and review the translation.

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Include Link on Your Webpage to Content.

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