ENLI Health Intelligence Goes Global with Mindlink

ENLI Health Intelligence Goes Global with Mindlink


We have been a crucial part of the Enli team as they have been expanding their markets globally. We participated in two notable projects that have let to new business for Enli. First, we converted a demo presentation from English into Spanish. We formatted screenshots so the potential clients in South America would be able to understand the functionality of the system. Secondly, we quickly translated a 14,000 word legal agreement document into French for the African market.

Systems Used

Mindlink’s Translation Portal (Wordbee), Project Management Platform (LinguistLink)


Our translation portal tool was used to extract the English from the code, allowing the linguists to translated only the visible text. Our Engineers worked to integrate the code. Our QA process ensured that the output looked like the source. For the agreement document, our tool enabled multiple translators to work on the project simultaneously. Our editors then ensured that the voice and tone of the article was consistent.

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