Free Tools You Can Use for Affordable Global Marketing Strategy

Creating a strategy for affordable global marketing is a great way to expand your business. The cool thing is, there are tools out there to help you define which markets and languages you can focus on to target for your business. A great one to use is the free Global Market Finder from Google.

We’re going to show you how you can use this tool to reach this market.

The following steps will help you use this free tool to define your market.

Step 1: Open Global Market Finder

Global Market Finder is part of the Google Translate platform. It’s designed to connect you with regions that have a higher instance of searching keywords related to your business. Per Google’s training document, the Global Market Finder’s purpose is as follows:

It helps you compare opportunities from different locations around the world using the following:

  • Google Search data
  • Google Translate keyword translation
  • AdWords keyword bid and competition

These metrics allow you to compare the cost of acquiring a new customer with your product margins and help you to determine whether reaching customers in a new market is good for your business.

Step 2: Insert Common Keywords

 Coming up with keywords is an important part of running a digital business! You have to be creative here. You don’t want to be too specific or too vague. Creating keywords is definitely an art not a science, so it may take some practice. The best advice is to put yourself in the shoes of a typical client who might be looking for your service. What keywords might they use to find you? Note: Google translate is used to translate these keywords. So you may want to keep it simple. For some languages, I recommend getting your keywords translated by a linguist!

In my example, I put in several keywords to get the results I need:


Step 3: View Results and Select a Market

After some trial and error, your keywords should lead you to a Geographic distribution report. This report will tell you how many times your keywords were searched in that market/language. As you can see from my report, I should look at some regions abroad to grow my website localization business. Brazil is looking really interesting for me and the competition is not high. Hmmm. . .


Step 4: Translate a Ad and Landing Page

To confirm my findings, I can create a Google Ad. Good idea to use a linguist to either translate or transcreate (meaning, just write in the target language) the ad so that it is effectively communicating your service. The ad should lead potential clients to a Portuguese landing page with a call to action.


Step 5: Create Strategy to Respond to Clients

Be ready to respond to your leads and new clients in their language! Using tools like LinguistLink for your linguist team to quickly translate or sign up with Mindlink+ where you will have the whole suite of Mindlink tools to access the best translation.

“Going global” is a fantastic way to expand your business. You get to connect with clients around the world. Using Google’s FREE tool, you can be smart about identifying markets that will have the biggest response to your business.  With a strategy to remove the language barrier, you will be able to support your clients no matter where they are!

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