Finding Balance for Affordable Quality Translation [InfoGraphic]

Have you ever been in this scenario. . .You want to use professional translators to reach your target audience. You even send your important document to a translator or two to get a quote. But, when those quotes come back you get that “yowza!” sticker shock. So, you end up shelving that project or slapping on a google translate widget on your site. It is a shame because you were really trying to provide complete access by using human translators. But when you’re running a small business or non-profit, despite all your good intentions, sometimes the choice of “good” over “cheap” translation is just too big of a gap.

As indicated in this infographic, good vs. cheap translation approaches yeild very different approaches. However the price difference (thousands of dollars vs. free) is a BIG issue. Finding that middle ground for affordable quality translation is KEY.


Here are a few helpful articles to help you get there:

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Google vs. Human Translators [Infographic]

There are options for “good enough” and “affordable” translations out there. The key is to find translators who use technology effectively to provide great results at an affordable rate.

Don’t be scared off from those big quotes. You don’t have to ditch your project. Learn more about ways to find that sweet spot for your organization to provide BOTH good and affordable translations for your customers. 



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