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Over 200 schools throughout Oregon and Washington have been using LinguistLink to manage language access for families with limited English proficiency. That’s why this tool is making a difference for Schools since 2015. Thanks to LinguistLink, educators and administrators can request, track, complete and report in one central place for everything going on in the district!

LinguistLink was Built for Schools

LinguistLink was initially created to track and manage our internal projects for Mindlink Resources, LLC. As we started working with the largest school district in the state of Oregon, we presented the database as a solution that might be valuable. Thanks to the visionaries who were juggling the language access needs for families speaking 120 languages, they invested in this system and we were able to build a unique platform that caters to proving translation and interpretation services in schools.

LinguistLink Growth

Using a database to track language access is just smart. Users track and fill requests in a timely manner. They also look at reports and make data-based decisions for language access throughout their districts.

Check out what users are saying:

“What I love is having access to the Mindlink team. If my team is busy or unable to support the request, I know every request will still be filled.”

Language Access Coordinator, Lebanon Community Schools

“This system is easy to use and kind of fun!”

User, Crook County Schools

“It’s great communication tool that helps me track all the projects that I work on.”

Linguist, Oregon

“During this year’s Parent Teacher Conferences, our team was able to delegate roles to coordinate conferences, the LinguistLink system allow us to stayed connected and on task. We were able to pull reports and prioritize areas to ensure we were equitably distributing resources in the communities.”

Language Access Director, Portland Public Schools

“LinguistLink has been an essential tool to help us grow our team and capacity to provide language access for all the districts we support.”

Director of Language Access, High Desert Education Service District

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